About Me


 I joined Athena's in 2008 when I was just 19 years old.  I was working in a retail job as a manager making less than $9/hour.  I had hosted several parties and I knew that this was my calling.  After a few years building my business and with the support of my loyal customers, I was able to make Athena's my "full time" career. 
In the 9 years since I started with Athena's, I cannot believe all that I have gained - a
wards ranging from "Top Recruiter" to "Most Viewed Goddess Demo", free vacations to Greece, Italy, Egypt, Malta, Cyprus, Jamaica, and an endless array of cash and product prizes.  I have also gained a sisterhood of friends and a bond that I would never give up for anything.  In 2018, I relocated from Johnston, RI to Atlanta, GA!  I know financial freedom due to Athena's. I get to wake up every single morning living the life I choose to live, not the life someone chooses for me.  I am my own boss (but I work for YOU, my customers!)  I wouldn't change this for the world!