Joining Athena's FAQ


Q: What makes Athena’s different from other adult in-home party plans? 

A: Athena’s is a company for the discerning woman or man. For example, take our company logo - the Goddess. Our logo reflects our panache for elegance. While we do offer sexual products, our logo does not in any way reflect the stereotypical image that sex is sleazy. Our mission is to take the ‘sleaze’ out of sexuality, and our logo clearly reflects that. We want our customers and sales representatives alike to feel that sex is healthy, classy, and for everyone to enjoy. In short, we want every woman and man we come in contact with to feel like a Goddess or Adonis.

We are a company dedicated to providing educational and entertaining parties with sophistication and class. We offer ONLY the highest quality of products, highly trained sales representatives (or Goddesses/Adonis’) and exceptional customer service. 

There are many adult in-home party plans out there and they all offer different programs for their representatives. We encourage you to shop around, check out other companies and find the company that fits you best. We feel confident that when you investigate the alternatives, you will understand why Athena’s is truly for the discerning woman or man.

Q: Why does Athena’s offer two different business plans? 

A: Athena’s is a company that is aware of the need for options in its business opportunity. We want an Athena’s business to be available to everyone regardless of whether or not you wish to carry a full inventory of products with you to every party. We have developed a plan for those who wish to have a traveling store, as well as a plan for those who wish to do the parties and have us take care of getting the products to their customers. Both plans are very profitable and offer the highest levels of service to both the customers and Goddesses/Adoni.

In addition to two business plan options: Athena's offers a great opportunity to earn even more each month. Unique to the industry, Athena's introduced a new bonus program in 2011. We call it "$2K Paves the Way" and every Goddess or Adonis that reaches $2,000 in Sales Volume (SV) in a calendar month receives these great business building bonuses. They will receive $50 in retail product of their choice, 35% OFF coupon to give to their favorite customer or hostess and entry into raffles for amazing prizes.

Q: Why is training important? 

A: Athena’s is a company committed to providing top of the line service and education to our customers. We want to make sure that our customers are receiving the best in education and entertainment when they attend one of our parties. Athena’s also wants to provide our Goddesses and Adoni with all the information they need to be successful. Athena’s has spent many years perfecting a road map for success. Entering this business is generally a new endeavor for most people. Training is necessary to amass the knowledge, confidence and poise required to achieve success. Our training includes one class that educates our Goddesses and Adoni on products that we carry in our extensive line. We also educate our Goddesses and Adoni on issues of sexuality that our customers desperately want (and need!) to hear about at our parties. Our program also includes one class devoted to business management. This class teaches how to stay organized so that Athena's customers never have to wait for their products! They also learn how to re-order product from Athena’s, how to calculate their profits after a party, what to track for tax purposes, etc. Our training program is so comprehensive, there’s no reason that anyone would not succeed with our company. 

Athena's newest team members have the ability to train whenever they want. New for 2015 we have introduced our Train-at-Your-Own-Pace training program that is both a modular and virtual program. It is sectioned into three parts: 1. Sexual Education 2. Product Knowledge 3. Business Basics (one for Freedom and one for Independent business owners). You can listen to the audio or video sections and take the related tests whenever you like. It is easy to learn and proceed through the modules so you can become a confident and prepared Goddess or Adonis faster than ever before. 

Q: What will I receive to "Build My Biz"? 

A: Create a Buzz! Build a Biz! Your first step is to join! For $29.95* you will receive our paperwork package and access to the best training in the Adult Toy Home Party Industry to make sure you have the tools to succeed! 

    • THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE - Paperwork Package!
    • AHN Catalogs - 20
    • Credit Card Slips - 20
    • Recruiting Brochure - 1
    • Complete Hostess Pack - 1
    • Order Forms - 20
    • Bridal Supplement - 1
    • Heavenly Goddess Catalog - 1
    • Outside Order Form - 10
    • Positive Bracelet - 1
    • Product Samples

Training must be completed within 60 days – once complete you will receive a 50% off coupon** to purchase the demo items of your choice! You'll have your choice of live training classes (if applicable), or DVD training along with (Business) Train-At-Your-Own-Pace training, or the complete virtual Train-At-Your-Own-Pace modular experience and a training manual on CD! 

*Plus shipping, handling and tax; there are no refunds. **50% coupon is valid for 30 days from date of issuance.

Q: How do I "Design My Demo"?

A: Once you complete training (Must complete within 60 days). You'll receive an e-mail with a 50% Off Coupon Code. In our commitment to providing top-notch service to our customers, we want our Goddesses and Adoni to have a full array of products to present at their parties. We feel that by investing in their business from the beginning, our Goddesses and Adoni are demonstrating commitment to their own business, to Athena’s, and most importantly to their customers. 

Then it is time to DESIGN YOUR DEMO! To help you pick your products, we’ll attach a copy of our Top Selling products for your review. The 50% Off coupon cannot be combined with other codes. Coupons cannot be applied to supply or party orders. Coupons are not applied to shipping and handling. 50% of the retail of this order will count towards your first $1000 - in sales to qualify! Have fun designing your demo and remember that if you need help, your Team Leader will be available for assistance!

Q: What are Athena’s Recruiting incentives? 

A: When an Athena's Goddess or Adonis recruits a new Goddess, they earn a $25 product credit upon his or her recruit completing their training and qualifying. This is our way of rewarding Goddesses and Adoni for simply sharing the business opportunity with others. Goddesses and Adoni also earn a percentage of their recruit's sales, as follows: 


Athena's Recruiting Override Structure

Begin earning monthly cash overrides on your recruits! Position yourself to make the money you've always dreamed of by helping others reach their goals! 

Destined One  $500  1 to 4  2% N/A N/A
Inspired One $1,000  5 to 9 2.5% 1.5% N/A
Enlightened One $1,500  10 to 24 3% 2% 1.5%
Wise One $2,000  25+ 3.5% 2.5% 2%

Athena’s “The Choice is Yours” Program

Everyone can begin earning exciting prizes based on 1st level sales totals!

1st Level Sales(4 consecutive month total) $45,000  $95,000  $140,000  $175,000
Gift Card  $100  $200  $300  $400 

All numbers are based on Total Retail and net products of each active team member. 

  • First Qualifying Time Period = January, February, March, April 
  • Second Qualifying Time Period = May, June, July, August 
  • Third Qualifying Time Period = September, October, November, December

Hit the Spa of your choice and let them pamper you! (Will it be for an hour or for a whole day?) 

Pick your favorite clothing store and go get yourself a new outfit (or wardrobe depending on where your team’s success takes you!)

Is it jewels that you crave, perhaps a new watch? Earn it for free just by building your business! 

Q: Why does Athena’s offer up to 3.5% for recruiting? 

A: Athena’s rewards our Goddesses and Adoni in many ways. For recruiting, we offer a $25 product credit, in addition to the override bonuses that Goddesses and Adoni earn right from their FIRST recruit! Our Goddesses and Adoni are also rewarded for recruiting by earning exciting prizes through our “The Choice Is Yours” program, as well as credits towards our Goddess Get-Away vacation. 

Many companies, who offer high override percentages, often offer low buying discounts. Athena’s offers Freedom Plan commissions of 35-40%, and Independent Plan buying discounts of 40-50%. An Athena’s Goddess or Adonis can begin earning 50% of their party sales immediately after training! Other companies, who offer up to 5% in override bonuses, only have buying discounts of 25 - 40%. This means that a new sales rep with another company can only earn a maximum of 40% of his or her sales at the start of their business. At Athena’s, we feel strongly that our Goddesses and Adoni should begin earning big money as soon as they get started! They shouldn’t have to wait until they’ve begun recruiting to start reaping large profits!

Also, other companies offer higher recruiting percentages, but on the wholesale amount of the products. Athena's offers a lower amount, but on the RETAIL amount of the products which is higher than the wholesale cost! So it's pretty relative.

Q: What kind of support will I receive? 

A: Athena’s is committed not only to our customers, but to our Goddesses and Adoni. At Athena's we’ve created collaboration amongst our Goddesses and Adoni, providing a ‘family’ like community. Our Goddesses and Adoni always have countless ways to be supported, motivated and assisted. Meetings, workshops, tele-training and seminars are part of this support network. By attending meetings and workshops our Goddesses and Adoni get important information about their business. At meetings, we discuss product line changes, developments in advertising, marketing, training, updates to our company website and more! These events also provide our Goddesses and Adoni with an opportunity to get to know one another. They share information, ideas, promotions and enthusiasm. Many of our Goddesses and Adoni have developed life-long friendships with fellow Goddesses and Adoni. We also offer our Goddesses and Adoni workshops and seminars on a variety of topics - all focused on improving their business, and ultimately, making them more money! These are not mandatory; they are merely tools for our Goddesses and Adoni to grow their business. 

Q: Why does Athena’s require Goddesses and Adoni to sign a contract? 

A: As any attorney will tell you, having a contract is ALWAYS a good idea. Contracts may appear intimidating, however they are quite important. A contract clearly defines everyone’s expectations, so that there aren’t any misunderstandings. A contract outlines exactly what you can expect from Athena’s and exactly what Athena’s expects from you. You will have several opportunities to thoroughly read our contract and discuss it with your personal attorney. 

Q: Will I make a million dollars in one year? 

A: Athena’s is not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme. Athena’s provides a career opportunity for women and men who want to gain confidence, independence, and financial freedom through owning and operating their own business. Athena’s can be a very lucrative business opportunity for a driven woman or man who is committed to working to achieve his or her own brand of success.

Q: What will Athena’s do for me, as a Goddess or Adonis? 

A: Athena’s has many programs designed to aid our Goddesses and Adoni in building their businesses and making more money! We offer: 

  • Web Profit Sharing - our Goddesses and Adoni earn 35 percent of web site direct sales!
  • Expositions and Events - We encourage our Goddesses and Adoni to be active in their communities! Athena's helps to support these activites by providing support on getting your events set up and lending marketing materials to Goddesses and Adoni to help you stand out in the crowds.
  • Social Networking - Athena's maintains an active facebook page for Athena's Home Novelties and Athena's Cup (our breast cancer awareness charity). Goddesses and Adoni are encouraged to share our postings and NEWS to help grow their personal business facebook pages.
  • Party Referrals - whenever someone contacts the office to schedule a party, we pass it along to an Athena’s Goddess in their area!
  • Leadership Training - once a Goddess or Adonis becomes a leader at Athena’s, he or she may begin attending classes about how to lead a team of other Goddesses!
  • Business Related Workshops - We offer workshops on different business related topics throughout the year! We also offer live virtual streaming, streaming videos and DVDs to Goddesses and Adoni who are unable to attend in person!
  • Goddess and Adoni Demonstration Seminars - Many times throughout the year one of our Goddesses or Adoni presents their demonstration for the company to see. This gives our Goddesses and Adoni different ideas and inspiration for their own demonstrations!

We also have a team at our corporate offices dedicated to assisting our Goddesses and Adoni. Our support staff unfailingly goes out of their way to help our Goddesses and Adoni with whatever they need!